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Children With Learning Disabilities May Benefit From Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

Children Learning Disabilities may be caused by a lack of brain food to develop and maintain the nervous system including the nerve channels, brain and visual system. DHA is one of the important Omega 3 fatty acids of which the brain is composed. Without this essential fatty acid in the diet the brains development and […]

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Cannabis – A Healing Herb for many Diseases

Medical Marijuana is being used for healing for many centuries. In old China, India, America and the Middle East the herb had been recognized as having therapeutic properties. Indeed, even in modern era Queen Victoria and her own doctor did some significant work into the restorative use of weed. The herb had been commonly used […]

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Cannabis Oil is Everything We Want in Our Lives

Cannabis or medical marijuana has been proved beneficial for health in many ways. Some doctors advocate its use for treatment of chronic diseases. It is one super drug that does it all. It is still not legal in many states because it is a common misconception that this would encourage people to smoke pot without […]

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CBD Oils helps with treating Cancer Growth

Reports say that 30% of population in the US will develop tumor at some point, and 66% of those will in the long run be fatally overwhelmed. In managing cancer, numerous patients have manifestations from the illness together with symptoms of the meds that are to a great degree impairing the strength and vitality. Chemotherapy […]

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What to Know About CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly known, is a very interesting chemical. And it is responsible for many people changing their views on marijuana use for medicinal purposes. While everyone has heard of THC, not many are aware of CBD. The two chemicals are both contained in marijuana, but they serve very different purposes. […]

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